How Businesses Make Money Online Using Facebook?

While using Facebook might not make you rich, using Facebook to make money is certainly possible since businesses also make money online using Facebook. Facebook can prove to be a reliable source of additional income with a clever approach and some work. Do not believe anyone who claims that Facebook page owners make money whenever their posts and photos are liked and/or shared by someone because that is not true at all. Many rumors are surfing around the Internet about earning money on Facebook, but there are also legitimate and logical ways in which businesses use Facebook to make money, such as the ones below.

1. Facebook Page

FacebookIf you are already have or plan to create a Facebook page in a particular niche, then there is some appeal to getting as many people to like your page as you can. That does not mean you will make money for each person who likes your page. However, the larger the audience of your Facebook page, the more potential you will gain to approach companies or websites that may want to have their advertisement or banner published on a Facebook page with plenty of likes.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Again the idea behind this method of using Facebook to make money is to post advertisements on your Facebook page and/or wall. However, before you do that, you will have to register with some popular affiliate marketing companies, such as Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction, etc. If you become an affiliate with any such company, you will receive an affiliate link of a product(s) that you can post on your Facebook page and/or your own Facebook wall. You will earn every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and proceeds to buy the product.

3. Create A Facebook App

If you happen to be a developer and you possess comprehensive knowledge of programming languages, then you can put your skills to the use to earn money through Facebook. All you will have to show some creativity and develop a unique, useful Facebook app, and then put it on sale for Facebook users. You can even advertise your app through Facebook ads to drive more traffic to your app.

4. Create A Blog or E-Book

Facebook itself is a popular topic in the world of blogging and you can write about the world’s leading social networking platform from a variety of angles. This gives you the perfect opportunity to create your own create your own blog related to Facebook. You can then post anything from Facebook-related news and marketing strategies to tips and updates. Once your blog is underway, you can take advantage of Google AdWords, and create a Facebook page for your blog in order to begin using Facebook to make money. You will be able to draw traffic from your Facebook page to your blog and earn whenever someone clicks the AdWords ads.

These four methods are just the tip of the ice berg of how you can start using Facebook to make money. Now, there are even apps on Facebook that you can use to begin generating extra income, but that is another story that can be left for another day.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Importance Of A Mobile Friendly Website?


When it comes to creating a mobile friendly web design, even seasoned web professionals tend to get confused because this requires a radical change in thinking. As time has passed on, mobile friendly website designs are no longer regarded as passing fads but have now become standard practice in the world of web designing. This paradigm shift can be compared to how table based layouts transitioned to CSS. In simple words, this is a very unique way of designing websites and gives a picture of what the future of web designing will be like.

What is mobile friendly web design?
Mobile Friendly Website

The first ever mobile friendly website design was created by web designer, Ethan Marcotte. To understand what these web designs actually are, it is important to remember that today even mobile devices have web browsers to surf through the Internet. The first mobile device that featured a proper web browser was the iPhone. As other mobile devices followed in the footsteps of the iPhone, the face and experience of the mobile web changed almost overnight.

Since the landscape of mobile web browsers changed, so even the expectations of users changed as well. Browsing the web on mobile devices became as easy as browsing on a desktop computer. This was when mobile versions of website began emerging from within the web design community. These “mobile” versions were actually a bonus of the “desktop” version of websites.

However, technology soon marched forward and this marked the advent of small notebook computers and touchscreen tablets in the phone hardware market. Now these small-sized personal computer devices had high-resolution displays as well, and of course, web designers wanted to take advantage of this. This is what gave rise to the concept of a mobile friendly web design.

As technology continues to advance, screen resolutions and sizes of personal computers and mobile devices continue to vary. However, it is not practical for website designers to create different versions of a website simply for targeting every new device. This is the problem that is addressed by mobile friendly website designs because such a website design tends to readjust according to the screen resolution and size of any device. No matter how thin or wide a browser a mobile friendly website design comfortably readjusts to fit the screen.

Fluid Grids

The use of a fluid grid is a key idea behind a mobile friendly web design. In terms of proportions, a fluid grid is designed more carefully, unlike a layout that is designed based on arbitrary percentage values or rigid pixels. This way, when a layout is stretched or squeeze depending on the screen-size of a device, the widths of every element in the layout are resized in relation to each other.

The best way of seeing a mobile friendly website design in action is by opening up a website with a mobile friendly design in a desktop web browser. Make the browser thinner by slowly resizing it. As the size of the browser changes, all the elements on the page will also automatically readjust themselves to fit the changing width. Even the browser is reduced down to the size of a mobile browser; the web page will still manage to readjust in order to be clearly visible. This is what a mobile friendly web design is.

Choosing right mobile app Design Company


Selecting the best mobile app design company is not easy. There are many companies that offer mobile app design services out there. However, not all of them offer quality services. Do not pick the first company you come across because it offers affordable rates. It is wise to determine whether the company has what it takes to offer quality services. One of the best ways to locate the best company is asking a friend, relative or anyone that you can trust. Alternatively, you can examine some of the top mobile application design companies on the internet. While looking on the internet, ensure that you look for a reputable service provider. The best company is one with positive reviews. Today, we have brought you simple tips on how to select the right mobile app design company.

Is the developer interest in your business?

Mobile Apps Design

It is wise to look for a developer who is interested in your business and not just about development. The right company is one that will guide you through the entire development process as well as give you creative output from their long term experience in the field of web design. The right experts understand what works and what will not work since they have worked with several clients in the past.

Years in business

It is good to look for a company that has been in the business of web design for some years. Although there are certain new companies that perform well, you cannot afford to take chances when it comes to hiring one. A company that has been offering services for several years is better placed to offer you with high quality work at the end of the day than the newbies. Therefore, find out the years the designer has been in the field before you work with him or her. However, it is not mandatory that all companies that have been in business for years will offer you with quality services. To avoid hiring poor companies, it is advisable to consider all the other aspects so that you can make an informed decision in the long run.

Asses the company’s portfolio

Before hiring any company you should assess their portfolio. Assessing the portfolio of the company will help determine whether they will provide you with excellent services or not. Ensure that you keep an eye on applications that look beautiful. Examine different aspects such as user interface of their past work among others before hiring the experts to work on your project.

Consider the whole package, not just coding

You should consider the entire package when hiring a web designer and not just coding. You need to know that creating a mobile application goes beyond coding. There are different things that have to be put in place in order to come up with a nice looking site.

In summary, hiring a web design company is not something to rush into. There are different aspects you should examine carefully before hiring any expert. Some of the important factors include experience, company portfolio and knowledge of the experts among others.

Top 3 useful mobile applications for you

Modern technology has made life simple. Today, there is an application for everything. Whether you want to manage time, organize your work or secure your home from thugs among others, you will always find an application that can assist you at the end of the day. Here are 3 useful mobile applications that you need to install on your device.


Do you want to look fashionable and stylish? Well, if the answer to this question is yes then it is high time you looked for Goodluck app. The application is not only simple to use but also effective. The app has been designed to guide when it comes to the trendy lifestyle by giving you useful tips that you can apply to stand out from the crowd. The application will guide you on what to wear as well as how to combine different outfits in order to look stunning. Each day, the application will offer you with new looks. Whether you are a man or woman, this application has something that will impress you at the end of the day.

Remote Mouse

Remote mouse helps turn your smartphone into a remote control for different devices including your PC. If you have lost your remote control no reason to worry. Instead, download this application from the application store and then use the same to make things easier and simpler on your part. The application can also be useful whenever you want to make a presentation or watching a movie from the comfort of your couch. The application is easy to use thus making it ideal for both experienced as well as first time users of the same.


Our discussion of top mobile applications that you need for your device will not be complete if we do not mention Marvin. Thousands of users keep downloading the application daily because it has a lot to offer. The application acts as an eBook reader. If you are passionate with reading then this is a perfect application to go for. The application allows you to select colors as well as your background. The artificial intelligence engine allows users to discover certain amazing things about the characters and author of different books. The application has a separate window for the table of contents, glossary as well as highlights among other important concepts. You can download this application to make your reading experience more fun.

In conclusion, smartphones have become part and parcel of our daily lives. Today, you cannot do without a smartphone if at all you know anything about technology. Mobile applications can be applied in different areas to make things a breeze. It does not make sense to struggle with certain tasks when there is an application that you can apply for the same. The app store is filled with different applications that you can apply whenever you want to make things simpler. Each of the applications on the market comes with its advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, it is wise to compare different applications before selecting one of them for your use.

So, where in Asia are the best places to open an overseas company?


Planning on Opening an Overseas Company?

If you are looking to conduct business abroad, then maybe you have considered opening a company overseas. Alternatively, you could be looking to grow your brand into another region and would benefit greatly by operating a company in the country/continent you plan to expand to. One of today’s major hotspots for those considering opening a company abroad is Asia.

Asia’s Huge GDP

Currently Asia has a record high GDP growth. That is despite some countries in the region not reporting large figures when it comes to cash value GDP rather than percentage. Places such as Cambodia have a very low GDP value, but when it comes to percentage growth, the country is reporting 7% to 8% every yearly expansion on a consistent basis. Cambodia is just an example of a smaller economy growing.

On the other extreme are China, South Korea and Japan. All 3 have been major growth contributors in the Far East and Asia. Then there is India also a part of Asia clubbing together with countries in the Far East and of course South East Asia.

In South East Asia, the largest economy right now is Indonesia.  However, business there is not amazingly easy for anyone looking to open an overseas company.

So, where in Asia are the best places to open an overseas company?

The 3 major players for foreign investors in Asia right now are Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. You may ask why not China? China is a great place to do business, but the laws and government’s future are not exactly appealing when we look at east of opening a business there as well as ease of operation.

The better choices come down to Hong Kong and Singapore with Thailand in third place.


Thailand is still restrictive on foreign business ownership and always has been. However, with its Board of Investment opportunity, foreigners can apply to own a company in the Kingdom whereby 100% of the shareholders and board of directors can be non-Thai citizens.

Hong Kong

Despite the 1996 takeover by the Chinese government, Hong Kong is still an attractive place to conduct business. One of the major factors is that the small island and main land area are still tax havens for foreign business owners. No need for VAT so you can offset the costs of having a company in Hong Kong versus the VAT. Hong Kong is also rated as one of the best places in the world to do business.


Still as independent as it has always been. Singapore has always been under its own rule. No potential changes in law that would come from a powerful government such as China over Hong Kong. The country is totally independent and the tax breaks are huge. In some cases, you can earn up to $100,000 US$ as a tax free threshold before having to pay any tax to the government.

If you are looking to open a business in Asia, then we would like to recommend Company Registration Asia who helped us pull together the information provided in this article.

The 3 Way Scrap Between Android, iOS, and Windows 10

The 3-Way Scrap between Android, iOS, and Windows

Whenever you get to the point where you are ready to turn that idea into a mobile app, the first question you will need to answer is “which platform is the best one to start with?” Each of you mobile app developers and entrepreneurs out there will know about this dilemma and the decisions that you have to make.

We have made your decisions a little easier through this article in the regards that we are going to tell you the pros and cons for each of the platforms. You have to remember that developing an app is not as simple as going to a web agency Brighton or in Vancouver as you would have to learn whether they include web applications as one of their services.


The biggest selling points for Android are the fact that it has the biggest market share, has much wider demographics and can be used on a wider range of devices. This is followed by it having higher ad revenue, fewer requirements for developers, and it being able to provide far more beta testers.

Simply put, Android has more users on a global basis than any of the other platforms and their apps can be used on many more different devices than their competitors too (at the moment).

Android does have its downsides as well though! With so many different devices that are supported, there is a much higher chance of their being bugs reported in your apps. Additionally, Android apps are known to take a lot longer to develop for the same reason that there are so many devices to consider.


Those considering going for iOS first will certainly take note of the platforms benefits such as higher app revenue, better development tools, not as many potential bugs, and a dedicated user base. Apple has a loyal and dedicated following of those that truly believe that Apple has the best products.

Of course, you would also have to consider the smaller market share and the fact that the review process for your app to be accepted by Apple is longer than that of Android.


Many of you might believe that it is a little too early to really consider Windows at this stage and you are probably right. At the same time however, we feel there is a lot of potential for Windows to really make some waves between the big two.

The benefits of going with Windows 10 is that Microsoft dominates with regards to their devices being used in B2B industries, they have a large and committed base of users, are experiencing a growing market share in many countries and that they can now offer multi-platform use across their devices.

The main and probably only drawback at the moment is that their market share is very small for the time being.

So there you have it! The strengths and weaknesses of the three big mobile app platforms out there right now. Hopefully this has made your decision at least that little bit easier but in all honesty you are still going to have to think about your decision long and hard.

Different Types of Voice Data Cabling

Data cabling is what you will require if you want to transfer data and information between any devices on a network. This kind of cabling can be used for many different applications such as transmitting telephone and computer data and it allows people and business the world over to communicate.

Voice data is just one type of information that uses data cabling to transmit and when it comes to installing a system to do so, you have a number of different types of cabling to consider.

Unshielded Twisted Pair

If you want to keep your costs down, Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling is going to be your best option. It is the cheapest type of cabling available but is also the type that is the most susceptible to electrical interference.

UTP cabling is made up of pairs of wires that are twisted around each other. These wires are twisted in order to limit the amount of interference that can be had from electrical and radio influences. Even though UTP is the most susceptible to interference, in many cases it is not overly concerning when transferring voice data.

Shielded Twisted Pair

Shielded Twisted Pair or STP cabling is very similar to that of UTP apart from the fact that it uses a braided metal band to help shield the cables from electrical interference. This added protection is the reason why this type of cabling is a bit more expensive than its closely related cousin.

The added protection allows the connection to be far more reliable and secure and is a popular choice among those that want a bit more quality without having to break the bank.


Next up is Coaxial cabling which is one of the most common types of cable that is used for the purpose of transmitting voice data. Coaxial cabling uses a core of copper that is within a plastic barrier that also has a metal shield. Copper has been proven to be an excellent material for transmitting voice information and with better protection against interference than UTP or STP, Coaxial cabling will be the perfect choice for many of you.

The only real downside is that coaxial cabling can be a lot more difficult to install than any of the other types featured in this article.

Fiber Optic

Without doubt, the fastest type of data cabling around today is that of fiber optic. It may be the most expensive type of data cable but if you are after the very best for your voice data cabling project, it is more than worth it.
Fiber optic cabling uses flexible glass core and transmits light rather than the standard data bits used in other types.

Transmitting light eliminates the possibility of electrical interference and thus means that data can be sent over further distances.

If you are in need of assistance when it comes to deciding which type of cable would be the best fit for your voice data cabling project, you should be looking for a London data cabling company that will have the expertise to guide you in the right direction.

Must Have Apps When Travelling

Below is a short list of Must Have Apps When Traveling

Whether you want to travel by car, plane or train, there are a number of apps that can be of assistance to you. Perhaps you need an app to let you know when your plane is arriving or for your irctc information regarding your train journey.


TripIt is designed with the aim for leveraging business owners, and this is the best tool for all frequent travelers along with the bosses. This app allows the traveler to access their traveling plans including card rental details, flight itineraries and the hotel reservations at a single place. All such details can be availed using tablet, smartphone, calendar as well as using the internet. This app also adds the functionality which makes the entire coordination with the teammates having a breeze.


There are a plethora of apps that bestows the maps, public transport as well as the directions; CityMapper makes all the things to get united at one place. One can employ this app by entering the starting point and the destination. There are also many journey options as well that shows the estimated cost and time along with the train, taxi, cycle, bus and the quickest among all of these is the catapult. One can also employ this app for tracking the weather at destination along with the total calories burned.

Expense Magic:

Get this app at free of cost and if, you are expecting to travel for business then the chances are very high that means; you can collect the receipts and fiddle the spreadsheet while getting back to the office. This is also an extremely clever app that will turn the receipt into a report. However, this iPhone App Development perk does not involve a bit of intrusion, but the hassle of paper work has been eliminated. Just capture a photo of the receipt using your iPhone, hit the upload button and allow the ExpenseMagic book-keeping team to enter the details and sending the monthly report.

SEO Tools for Beginners

Wether you are trying to rank your own website or trying to do a bit of SEO for a new rapid application development mode or APP, there are a number of tools that are going to be able to help you achieve this. However, some are a little bit too advanced for beginners. For this reason we have taken a look at some more basic tools to get you started.

Below are three SEO tools for beginners

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a SEO’s bread and margarine. I’m as of now working my way through their great capability program.

Pointed toward advertisers, Google Analytics gives definite measurements around a site’s activity and movement sources. In the Dashboard, you can see these insights for any timeframe of your picking.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free administration for website admins that permits you to check and screen the indexing status of your site. The numerous instruments it offers permit you to:
-Submit and check a sitemap
-Check the creep rate of your site
-Get a rundown of interior, outer, and broken connections to your site
-See what catchphrases individuals are utilizing to discover your site, and their navigate rates.

3. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is basically the same as Google Webmaster Tools, yet to bing. Late reports demonstrate that despite the fact that Google is the most utilized internet searcher with 67% piece of the overall industry, Bing is still a power to be figured with somewhat more than 16%. To put it plainly, on the off chance that you need your site to pull in more individuals, you have to ensure it’s positioning with Bing as well.

There are more advanced tools too such as the expensive SEO Powersuite or using a SEO friendly directory.

Blogging – Short or Long?

Blogging is a major part of getting your website to rank in Google and the other major search engines. Content has always been a massive influence over where these search engines will rank your sites but now more than ever, the focus on the quality of this content has never been greater. So webmasters that are trying lots of different tricks like link-building or having a backpage poster are missing the whole point.

Many newbie bloggers at social networking websites and business networking sites have only been there a short time, they are little intimidated by all those super high point bloggers, they are so wise and have been here so long, thus are a little, well scared you see? Some have a question, because on the Internet normally blog posts are 250-400 words or more, generally always over 200 words. But on some social networking sites we see a whole bunch of really short blog posts.

Are these short blogs because the people posting them are not very smart? Will people think you are dumb too if you post meaningless 3-5 line blog posts? Do those on professional or business blog networks blog short blogs because they just want to get points? Is that why people post the silly short blogs, antidotes or just observations that everyone has anyway? Sometimes, unfortunately, yes, that is the reason.

Are you wondering if your posts are too long because you see so many people posting short blogs. Do you feel this would make you look dumb and incompetent and take away from your integrity, a strength of character and detract from who you are and your business endeavors? Personally, I would be so embarrassed, and I am having a heck of a time trying to get myself to post silly little posts.