The 3 Way Scrap Between Android, iOS, and Windows 10

The 3-Way Scrap between Android, iOS, and Windows

Whenever you get to the point where you are ready to turn that idea into a mobile app, the first question you will need to answer is “which platform is the best one to start with?” Each of you mobile app developers and entrepreneurs out there will know about this dilemma and the decisions that you have to make.

We have made your decisions a little easier through this article in the regards that we are going to tell you the pros and cons for each of the platforms. You have to remember that developing an app is not as simple as going to a web agency Brighton or in Vancouver as you would have to learn whether they include web applications as one of their services.


The biggest selling points for Android are the fact that it has the biggest market share, has much wider demographics and can be used on a wider range of devices. This is followed by it having higher ad revenue, fewer requirements for developers, and it being able to provide far more beta testers.

Simply put, Android has more users on a global basis than any of the other platforms and their apps can be used on many more different devices than their competitors too (at the moment).

Android does have its downsides as well though! With so many different devices that are supported, there is a much higher chance of their being bugs reported in your apps. Additionally, Android apps are known to take a lot longer to develop for the same reason that there are so many devices to consider.


Those considering going for iOS first will certainly take note of the platforms benefits such as higher app revenue, better development tools, not as many potential bugs, and a dedicated user base. Apple has a loyal and dedicated following of those that truly believe that Apple has the best products.

Of course, you would also have to consider the smaller market share and the fact that the review process for your app to be accepted by Apple is longer than that of Android.


Many of you might believe that it is a little too early to really consider Windows at this stage and you are probably right. At the same time however, we feel there is a lot of potential for Windows to really make some waves between the big two.

The benefits of going with Windows 10 is that Microsoft dominates with regards to their devices being used in B2B industries, they have a large and committed base of users, are experiencing a growing market share in many countries and that they can now offer multi-platform use across their devices.

The main and probably only drawback at the moment is that their market share is very small for the time being.

So there you have it! The strengths and weaknesses of the three big mobile app platforms out there right now. Hopefully this has made your decision at least that little bit easier but in all honesty you are still going to have to think about your decision long and hard.

Different Types of Voice Data Cabling

Data cabling is what you will require if you want to transfer data and information between any devices on a network. This kind of cabling can be used for many different applications such as transmitting telephone and computer data and it allows people and business the world over to communicate.

Voice data is just one type of information that uses data cabling to transmit and when it comes to installing a system to do so, you have a number of different types of cabling to consider.

Unshielded Twisted Pair

If you want to keep your costs down, Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling is going to be your best option. It is the cheapest type of cabling available but is also the type that is the most susceptible to electrical interference.

UTP cabling is made up of pairs of wires that are twisted around each other. These wires are twisted in order to limit the amount of interference that can be had from electrical and radio influences. Even though UTP is the most susceptible to interference, in many cases it is not overly concerning when transferring voice data.

Shielded Twisted Pair

Shielded Twisted Pair or STP cabling is very similar to that of UTP apart from the fact that it uses a braided metal band to help shield the cables from electrical interference. This added protection is the reason why this type of cabling is a bit more expensive than its closely related cousin.

The added protection allows the connection to be far more reliable and secure and is a popular choice among those that want a bit more quality without having to break the bank.


Next up is Coaxial cabling which is one of the most common types of cable that is used for the purpose of transmitting voice data. Coaxial cabling uses a core of copper that is within a plastic barrier that also has a metal shield. Copper has been proven to be an excellent material for transmitting voice information and with better protection against interference than UTP or STP, Coaxial cabling will be the perfect choice for many of you.

The only real downside is that coaxial cabling can be a lot more difficult to install than any of the other types featured in this article.

Fiber Optic

Without doubt, the fastest type of data cabling around today is that of fiber optic. It may be the most expensive type of data cable but if you are after the very best for your voice data cabling project, it is more than worth it.
Fiber optic cabling uses flexible glass core and transmits light rather than the standard data bits used in other types.

Transmitting light eliminates the possibility of electrical interference and thus means that data can be sent over further distances.

If you are in need of assistance when it comes to deciding which type of cable would be the best fit for your voice data cabling project, you should be looking for a London data cabling company that will have the expertise to guide you in the right direction.

Must Have Apps When Travelling

Below is a short list of Must Have Apps When Traveling

Whether you want to travel by car, plane or train, there are a number of apps that can be of assistance to you. Perhaps you need an app to let you know when your plane is arriving or for your irctc information regarding your train journey.


TripIt is designed with the aim for leveraging business owners, and this is the best tool for all frequent travelers along with the bosses. This app allows the traveler to access their traveling plans including card rental details, flight itineraries and the hotel reservations at a single place. All such details can be availed using tablet, smartphone, calendar as well as using the internet. This app also adds the functionality which makes the entire coordination with the teammates having a breeze.


There are a plethora of apps that bestows the maps, public transport as well as the directions; CityMapper makes all the things to get united at one place. One can employ this app by entering the starting point and the destination. There are also many journey options as well that shows the estimated cost and time along with the train, taxi, cycle, bus and the quickest among all of these is the catapult. One can also employ this app for tracking the weather at destination along with the total calories burned.

Expense Magic:

Get this app at free of cost and if, you are expecting to travel for business then the chances are very high that means; you can collect the receipts and fiddle the spreadsheet while getting back to the office. This is also an extremely clever app that will turn the receipt into a report. However, this iPhone App Development perk does not involve a bit of intrusion, but the hassle of paper work has been eliminated. Just capture a photo of the receipt using your iPhone, hit the upload button and allow the ExpenseMagic book-keeping team to enter the details and sending the monthly report.

SEO Tools for Beginners

Wether you are trying to rank your own website or trying to do a bit of SEO for a new rapid application development mode or APP, there are a number of tools that are going to be able to help you achieve this. However, some are a little bit too advanced for beginners. For this reason we have taken a look at some more basic tools to get you started.

Below are three SEO tools for beginners

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a SEO’s bread and margarine. I’m as of now working my way through their great capability program.

Pointed toward advertisers, Google Analytics gives definite measurements around a site’s activity and movement sources. In the Dashboard, you can see these insights for any timeframe of your picking.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free administration for website admins that permits you to check and screen the indexing status of your site. The numerous instruments it offers permit you to:
-Submit and check a sitemap
-Check the creep rate of your site
-Get a rundown of interior, outer, and broken connections to your site
-See what catchphrases individuals are utilizing to discover your site, and their navigate rates.

3. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is basically the same as Google Webmaster Tools, yet to bing. Late reports demonstrate that despite the fact that Google is the most utilized internet searcher with 67% piece of the overall industry, Bing is still a power to be figured with somewhat more than 16%. To put it plainly, on the off chance that you need your site to pull in more individuals, you have to ensure it’s positioning with Bing as well.

There are more advanced tools too such as the expensive SEO Powersuite or using a SEO friendly directory.

Blogging – Short or Long?

Blogging is a major part of getting your website to rank in Google and the other major search engines. Content has always been a massive influence over where these search engines will rank your sites but now more than ever, the focus on the quality of this content has never been greater. So webmasters that are trying lots of different tricks like link-building or having a backpage poster are missing the whole point.

Many newbie bloggers at social networking websites and business networking sites have only been there a short time, they are little intimidated by all those super high point bloggers, they are so wise and have been here so long, thus are a little, well scared you see? Some have a question, because on the Internet normally blog posts are 250-400 words or more, generally always over 200 words. But on some social networking sites we see a whole bunch of really short blog posts.

Are these short blogs because the people posting them are not very smart? Will people think you are dumb too if you post meaningless 3-5 line blog posts? Do those on professional or business blog networks blog short blogs because they just want to get points? Is that why people post the silly short blogs, antidotes or just observations that everyone has anyway? Sometimes, unfortunately, yes, that is the reason.

Are you wondering if your posts are too long because you see so many people posting short blogs. Do you feel this would make you look dumb and incompetent and take away from your integrity, a strength of character and detract from who you are and your business endeavors? Personally, I would be so embarrassed, and I am having a heck of a time trying to get myself to post silly little posts.

Aerial installation

Home & Business TV Aerial Installs

Get the best TV aerial installation or repair for your home or business

TV Aerial Installations

Technology is one essential part of our lives and its presence can be felt in any form associated with us. Entertainment is also technologically driven long gone are the days when for any latest information or event we relied on newspaper or radio, today is the generation of aerial installation which will provide you best in its class picture and audio quality.

The reason why the need for aerial installation has come into picture was due to the need to set things straight in the world of digital entertainment, so that one can enjoy the digital form the way it deserves to be enjoyed.

Aerial Antenna is basically the metallic strips installed at the top of your house to capture the televisions signals that are emitted by the nearest broadcasting center in your vicinity. Aerial Installations should be done by experts only as the same requires technical expertise which will let the expert know exactly how high to install and where to install the TV serial. Also ensure the roof top is not punctured or dented much.

The installation equipment comprises of the aerials and other equipment to make the installations possible. A good company will know the best equipment to go for to meet the needs that you have and thus guide you with a customized package. Every product that the company uses should be of good quality and also ensure that the same comes with some warranty to cover your worries in the long run too.

Aerial installation also comes with various advantages which a consumer should always keep in mind and ensure you never miss them, some key benefits of the same are:

* Clear and better picture quality: As the signals received from the nearest broadcasting center are received at the best placed aerial therefore the signal quality improves which gives a better quality sound and vision.

* Easy to install and maintain: TV aerial installation if done by a professional is very easy to execute and once installed the maintenance cost is bare minimum as the product is strong enough to bear all kind of conditions and weather.

* TV Aerial v/s Cable: TV aerial is the direct conversion of signals received from satellites to your television while the cables transmit the already converted signals through wire to your place; therefore you get better quality services.

* Economical and User Friendly: It’s a myth that TV aerial installation involves a lot of money but the fact is that the best quality of service is available at very affordable prices and one can easily learn how to operate through them.

It is crucial to choose the correct aerial when you have aerial installation done for you. Most aerial installers already know a lot about this and will advise you which is best. Although certain aerials work well in some areas, others will not. This is something you need to think about with respect to your aerial installation.Therefore it’s the right time to go for an expert and professional advice and get your new TV aerial installation done to view the real pictures of life around you and worldwide.

Technology to Keep your Home Safe

A safe and secure home

Keeping your home and business safe from intruders with home security technology

Technology at home has never been more prevalent since the millennium came. In the last 2 decades we have increased our reliance on technology at home 10 fold. However, when we think about technology we sometimes forget that it is not just about computers and gadgets.

Yes, door locks and window locks are technology

Back in the days of the industrial revolution there were no computer, but there were clever scientists that were experts in physics. They created technologies such as door locks to keep people out. Before then, door locks were relatively simple technology that could easily be forced open if needs be. Then, the advancements in lock technology came to light.

Intruder Alarm and Locksmith Experts

Boyton Locksmiths in the USA and First Contact Fire and Security in Southampton UK are two companies that have been striving to bring technological home security to people’s humble abodes. For instance, First Contact specialize in  alarms, but they also recommend certain types of locks and work with local locksmiths to fit locks before installing intruder alarm systems.

Boyton Locksmiths work with companies such as First Contact Fire and Security in order to make sure that the locks are secure so hopefully burglars cannot get in to trigger the alarm in the first place.

In essence, both companies have jumped leaps and bounds to not just install locks and alarms, but to also advise people on home security and create safe and secure homes and office in both residential and commercial capacities.

Here are 3 Easy to Implement Home Security Methods

Our home is our haven, which we usually take a great deal of time, effort, and money to fix up and adorn just how we like it. Make sure to keep your home and possessions safe, by reviewing what security measures you can implement to deter potential thieves. Below are 3 easy to implement home security methods that are the most typical and easiest to implement.

1: Get an alarm system!

A security alarm should be your first step in implementing home security. Even if your home has weak entry points, such as single glazing or weak doors, a security alarm is often enough of a deterrent to cause the average opportunist burglar to walk away.

2: security lighting!

Intruders are fans of the dark, for it masks their entry. Installing some decent security lighting, such as motion detector lighting and outdoor flood lights, will dramatically lessen the chances of your home being targeted.

3: Secure possible entry points

Lastly, make sure that possible entry points are not too easily accessible. Check over your windows and doors to see how easily it would be to break into. If you have simple locks, this is the first thing you should address, by fitting deadlocks and window locks.

Having the most secure home that you can make means implementing the best technology for your home. Inevitably this means that you will feel safer in your home.

Before you hire an alarm specialist (like this one in the link provided to the left) or someone to come and fit your locks, make sure that you do a proper background check. It is usually much cheaper to hire a one man band or small business that is bidding for home security contractual work, but at the same time, you do need to make sure that the person coming into your home has been properly checked out.


Don’t hire the wrong security contractor!

WARNING: Advance Background Check of all Alarm Engineers and Locksmiths

You can look at Search USA for an advanced background check on the company and its owners in order to find out whether the individuals have Criminal Records or not. Remember that it is all about your own home security and you want to make sure that you are not letting a criminal that could potentially be scouting for opportunities to bypass your alarm system and break in.

Check out this great YouTube video on home security from the BBC UK



SEO versus Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Both SEO and Social Media Marketing are good marketing tools, but what is a better option?

Social Media Marketing is more direct. You can get your message across quickly to a large audience. However, it involves having a large following. Another problem with this form of marketing is that it can be viewed as spam and blocked by the viewer.

Your target audience can also just look past your ad without giving it a second’s notice. SEO, on the other hand, demands more research and quality articles provided by companies such as the those found in the South of England. This can take time and money, but it pays of. The fact is that by using good articles and keywords, you are placed at the top of a search. Your target viewers are already looking for your blog, store or business.

SEO allows them to find you. Unlike Social Media Marketing, which is pushing your product, SEO is more subtle. This may mean it takes longer to acquire visitors to your site, but they will be interested parties. Using both marketing methods wisely is also a good option. However, if you are looking for quality as well as quantity when it comes to visitors on your site, SEO is the better option.

Some Social Media sites include Facebook and the ever increasingly popular instagram.


2016 SEO Tactics

The main portion of 2015 is over and we have entered the second half. Time is flying and 2016 isn’t far. Business will continue working in the SEO field to pick up the best positions with the assistance of right watchwords and content showcasing.

SEO specialists consider next Google upgrade more often than not. Google redesigns are scandalous for harming the rankings of sites including the prevalent ones. SEO campaigners dependably plan to confront the positions shattering upgrades by Google.

Work keen as opposed to buckling down as it will keep your SEO crusade on track for whatever remains of the year and even in 2016. Attempt to keep up the energy you have produced for the current year into the year 2016. In any case, you need to remember the Google upgrades to maintain a strategic distance from any punishments or negative consequences for your site rankings.

Here are 3 in number site design improvement strategies you can use in your crusades. By applying these methodologies, you’ll give web indexes exactly what they’re searching for. These three strategies are upgrade proof and keep you on track for remaining a portion of 2015, 2016 and past.

Sending Social Signals

With no uncertainty, you feel that the majority of your online networking showcasing interests are constant expending assignments. Furthermore, a great deal if you feel that the inconvenience you put forward on interpersonal interaction isn’t justified regardless of the little focused on guests that it gives towards your business site.

Then again, you have to keep this habit of sending of social pointers and each of the social sharing have vital influence in your complete web showcasing technique, then this can be very beneficial; especially for small business SEO. It won’t not pass on the focused on activity which you’d longed for, yet it sends social signs different web indexes. They help to continue with the top on the quest rankings for your favored catchphrases and phrases.

This is an incredible stride for each online networking advertising effort. A great deal of advanced advertisers neglect to perceive that social cautions surely are a gigantic segment of the general acknowledgment rivalry that Google works by utilizing to discover where by they rank destinations relying upon watchword information. In today’s Web advancement situation, social cautions and your complete online networking promoting system, have an essential part to play for SEO battles.

However, try to keep your social signals as natural as possible and avoid doing things such as buying facebook likes or as the Germansd might say acheter des likes Facebook.

Portable Friendliness

At one specific place, not that path back, it had been just a good thought to get portable enhancement. However, in ebb and flow site design improvement world, internet searchers have made it required that locales must have versatile streamlining so they can rank high on the outcomes pages.

Check out if your website is mobile friendly here: – this is now 2016’s most important facet for digital marketing. It benefits both Social Media marketing as well as SEO and other online marketing tactics.

In April, Google expressed that they’re planning to drop the rankings of websites that have not made the jump in order to change their sites into mobile friendly pages so their customers or visitors can choose which device they would like to use in order to browse.

Despite the fact that the proof of this is yet to be felt on a wide scale, there are numerous locales remaining that harmed their rankings in the SERPs for not being versatile enough when it comes to having a mobile website. Google is concentrating enormously on responsive websites with both its AdWords quality scores and SEO rankings.

So if you’d like to stay in the opposition in the realm of Search motor advancement, and go ahead to separate the advantages of different web search tools, then you should make portable cordiality a vital segment of your particular SEO battle.

Also, you need all the portable focused on movement that will presumably show up at your site, for the reason that in overabundance of fifty percent of the ebb and flow business sector is using cell telephones to search for online items and administrations in the significant web search tools. Portable streamlining is your best trap. Go for responsive web plan before it’s late.

Strategic Guest Blogging

In view of your online business and focused on gathering of people, it could be a shrewd choice to go for visitor blogging as a way to make backlinks towards your site and to make more power in your particular field. Yet, it’s imperative to do it strategically as it ought not be overcompensated by distributed visitor sign on each site that is enthusiastic to distribute your substance.

Try not to take visitor blogging as a system for getting a lot of inbound connections. Attempt to obtain premium quality connections from the most prominent and fitting sites on the net. When you get a URL from a viably loved Site, it will probably be truly worth and ROI will be high from a site design improvement perspective.

Utilize these three web advancement tactics if you need to stay in rivalry this year and amid 2016

Marketing Your Business Online

With the popularity of the Internet, it is no wonder that many companies are learning that the best way to promote their business is through marketing online. If you’ve been trying to figure out how marketing your business online can help, the time is now to explore the opportunities that are out there. There are several tips to remember, so make sure you do a little research before you jump head first in any marketing endeavor.

The first thing to remember when looking at marketing your business online is that it’s not just for Internet-based businesses. This is the first mistake people that are looking for marketing tips make. Never think that online business marketing is only for e-commerce websites. Promoting a brick and mortar store can be very important online, and no matter what the business does, it could find a wealth of attention that is not easily found with traditional methods.

Marketing your business online with ease can be as simple as learning what methods work and what methods don’t. A lot of people have learned the hard way that marketing has some variables that need to be addressed. For example, if you are a church, then you will be looking at getting church website design. You would start by looking at something like Wikipedia to see how churches design their websites.

Before any marketing tactics can be utilized a business should have a website. A website doesn’t need to be a place for shopping for products, it could be an information based website for people to learn about the services and products provided. These sites should have clear navigation, easy to find information, contact information, store hours, and a simplistic design that anyone can find. The cost of owning a website ranges from different plans but is relatively simple to purchase and set up. Templates can be used or investing in a web designer could really be helpful in creating a simple website.

Once the website has been established you can build an audience through various options. Marketing your business online is going to take a little bit of investment into various networks and more than likely an SEO company. This kind of investment will be for text ads, banner ads and more. This could be expensive so it’s important to set a moderate budget aside for this type of marketing before things quickly go out of hand.

For those that are not familiar with marketing business online, a good option to look into is buying a marketing training package. A good training package can give you a step-by-step guide to help you move through the beginning processes. It can be a painstaking task at first, but if you spend a little time to read over the information, you can definitely market your business online with great ease. The best part about a good training package is that you can utilize what you’ve learned to help others, and also, make sure you have the Internet world’s attention.

It doesn’t need to take an expert with lots of experience in marketing to get your business viewed by a new set of eyes. It just takes a bit of understanding of the latest web technologies, a simple website, and a good training package to get you started.

Educating People About Technology

education-technology-picYes, technology is important and usually, when you think of it, you think of smart phones or other ways of communication. However, technology is not used only for these items, but everything that uses electricity and a lot of other items are the result of technology’s evolution and development.

You’re not even conscious about how many things that surround you are actually technology-based. This is because you are so used with using some of them, that you don’t even realize it.

Let’s see what items are present in your every day life and can be included in this category.

The Smart Phone

The first phone was big and ugly, true, but now you have available phones that replace almost all the functions of a computer and other devices. There are some phones now that are small and easy to wear, hidden in the aspect of a watch, and these are also the most expensive.

The usual smart phone that is available on the market today can do almost everything that a computer does, but it’s also a way of communication. With access to the online environment, you can send emails, and use other communication applications, you can edit and write documents, you can use applications that help you in your work and you can also play games.

Touch-Technology-PNG-02981Everything that was named here is the result of the technology that has evolved so much to make your life easier – you don’t need a computer to write documents, and you also don’t need a fax to send a message, because you’ve got this covered with your smart phone.

The era of information technology has created the birth of information cloud storage. Apple launched iCloud as the cloud storage service so that the Apple users can backup their data in a remote server, which can be accessed, edited, deleted, or shared by multiple Apple devices. iCloud also has function to safely protect the device if it is lost. The screen will be locked by iCloud activation with apple ID and password protected.

Now imagine you found a lost iPhone, and with all the good intention, you want to contact the owner to give it back. If the iPhone waslocked with iCloud, you will be shown iCloud activation lock screen. You can bypass iCloud activation by following some steps you can easily find in the internet.

iCloud as the cloud storage services give many benefits and functions for the users. But of course, some things has their own advantages and disadvantages. You can bypass iCloud activation if you have good intention for the lost device you found.


The Washing Machine

This is an appliance that is today present in almost every home. Used for washing clothes, the washing machines are now digitally equipped, so that all you have to do is push a button and choose the program that you want.

You don’t need to sit and guard it, because the washing machine operates on its own. If some years ago, people had to sit next to it, today it’s a completely independent machine that all it needs to function is electricity.

Wondering how this might be possible? The answer is simple – the scientists have made better washing machines by using the developments of technology to make it work independently, so that your life can be easier.

The Car

There are just a few types of cars today that are hand-made, because most of the cars that you see on the streets are done in factories, using computers and machines.

Some time ago, there was nothing like this, and when the first car appeared, almost every component was made manually. Now, there are available extremely performance computers, that have replaced about 90% of the hand-made work. All that people have to do now is make sure that the machines are TechnologyInEducationworking properly and the items that the factories produce respect the standard of quality.


It was left last on this list, because all the items that were presented until now are working with at least one small computer. The components that are used for producing smart phones, washing machines or cars are based on the same technology that is used for making the computers. Apart from this, every item presented has at least one type of computer integrated into it: the smart phones use it for reproducing the functions of the laptops and desk computers, the washing machines have a computer that tells them exactly how much water to use and for how long to drain them, while the cars have now a computer board inserted into their circuits.

The first computer was extremely big and it could fit into a warehouse; however, as you’ve certainly seen, today you find the same functions of a computer into a smart phone.

This is the evolution we were talking about – something that used to be big and hard to handle is now today small and easy to break. Working with it and using it for your benefits is the best thing that could have happened to you, but keep in mind that nothing would be possible without a constant development and evolution.

Scientists are working all the time to improve the things that you already use, and who knows, you might see that in time the cars won’t need a driver, the washing machines will be able to determine the color of the clothes and the smart phones could be even smaller or smarter.


Today cameras are attached to our phones, laptops and touchpads. We can also get Go Pro cameras that catch the action while we’re on the move playing sports, rock climbing, skiing and more. What’s more is the Go Pro is also an underwater camera. At some point we will be looking into the best waterproof camera 2016 guide in order to give our readers an idea of which cameras are good for water sports including diving!

GPS Mileage Expenses Systems

So you want to track your mileage expenses? Fine, there are several GPS Mileage Expenses tracking software and devices available, the following are two of them.

GPS Trip Stick Dongle

Track your mileage expenses using the GPS Trip Stick Dongle. You can fit the peak GPS system in a small cigarette lighter socket and then you are free to record all your business trip expenses. Actually, it’s very simple to use, after you’ve plugged the system in the lighter, just leave it and drive. There is an automated system that has been programmed and will only take about 5 minutes to start recording, incredibly quick. You can then submit your uploaded data through an uploader application and it takes just a few minutes. The system creates compliant and accurate information.

Vezma GPS expense Tracker

Vezma is very simple to use and automatically records all trip expenses then uploads to an online backup system. The system then manages the sent data, generates reports and then enables you to share the information.